Hutton Community Centre: Plans Progressing Well

Plans for the future of Hutton Community Centre are progressing well.

Installation of the much needed security fencing started last week and the first parts are now up. Once finished, it will close off the area and help to keep it tidy. I have also arranged for a litter pick to be done this week, to remove the rubbish and flytipping that is around the side of the centre.

In parallel to the fencing work being ordered, manufactured and erected, we have been talking to individuals and community groups along with people from local schools, who are interested in using the centre.

A working group, made up of representatives from across the community and the council has been established and there are 5 dates in the diary for us to work through the detail for hall users and to agree on the work that is needed to bring the centre back up to use, so as we can make the most of the facility. It has already been agreed that the centre will not be for any one exclusive group but must be for multi-use, if it is to become a 'hub of Hutton' once again.

This is proving to be an exciting project and one which has great potential for the future of the area. I have been inundated with messages of support and interest for the work the Council is doing and the £165k investment we are making. I am still receiving emails from local groups, wanting to use the facility.

From youth and homework clubs to sports associations of all types, use by the local primary school, local tenants' and residents' groups, the list is endless.

If you would like to be part of the exciting project, please do get in touch!

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One Response to Hutton Community Centre: Plans Progressing Well

  1. Emma says:

    Great to see the work progressing and so much better to have the fence up!
    Look forward to seeing it open to the public again. It is just what we need ;-)

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