William Hunter Way: Latest Update

Couple of updates on the long awaited William Hunter Way development.

Firstly, an application has been received by the Council for the renewal of the William Hunter Way planning permission, which expires in September.

Along with fellow Conservatives, I have called for an Extraordinary Council Meeting to discuss the application, rather than just have the planning committee review the matter.

There is a consultation process that needs to take place first but once this has been carried out, all members of the Council will have an opportunity to debate the application and vote on it. For such an important scheme, it is vital that this happens and we have ensured that it will.

Secondly, Stockland, the developer for the site has confirmed that they are in final stage negotiations with TK Maxx to come to Brentwood as part of the William Hunter Way development. They would be a fantastic addition to the current retail offer in Town and would I believe, be a popular arrival.

There’s more to do and ultimately, all of the details regarding the scheme will come back to Full Council for review by all councillors but this is a good indication from Stockland of how they are progressing.

We are legally locked in to an agreement with Stockland until December 2013. Despite clear legal advice, some opposition councillors have allowed their own arrogance to continue to claim that the Council could have walked away in December last year. ( Those individuals apparently know better..!) However, this simply is not true and it is surprising they would want to see the scheme fail ( especially given their previous support for it!)

To be clear, the Conservative Administration is committed in its support for the scheme. A strong addition to the retail offer in Brentwood, financial investment in our future, the creation of hundreds of new jobs and the delivery of a cinema would be great news for our Town and we will continue to back Stockland in their efforts.

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