Neighbourhood Action Team in Hutton North

One of the most simple yet effective decisions that Conservatives took when we ran the Council was to introduce the Neighbourhood Action Teams.

The team of four rotate around the Borough on a weekly basis, carrying out work requested by local residents and Councillors. They provide extra resources to support the routine efforts of our depot staff, who do a fantastic job.

From Monday, they will be in Hutton North carrying out a long list of tasks, which I have put forward following requests from residents, along with those, which I have personally noted.

For reference, here’s the list:

1. Cut back overgrown vegetation on the footpath from Queenswood Avenue to the Hutton Industrial Estate.
2. Cut back overhanging branches and foliage between the woods and Halstead Way
3. Cleaning of various street name signs
4. Clearing and tidying of woodland area at Hawksmoor Green
5. Painting of play equipment at the flats in Hawksmoor Green
6. Removal of fly tipping in Hawksmoor Green
7. Spraying of weeds in the gutters and footpaths across the Long Ridings Estate

Rumour has it that plans are afoot to “redeploy” this team of workers onto other tasks, removing the opportunity for local Councillors to be able to directly access resources to tackle local matters. This cut in service would be a real shame as they have done some excellent work across Brentwood, supporting local communities. Let’s hope the Lab /Lib Administration see sense and keep them right where they are!

In other Hutton North news, I have also requested that the weeds be removed from the garage area around Whittington Road and that the land is generally tidied up. This will be done by another team and will be actioned shortly.

In addition, I’ve ordered some new road name signs to replace those existing ones, which have seen better days, along with a new rubbish bin outside Long Ridings Primary School. (LRPS)

Finally, I’m writing to Network Rail about the branches, which are overhanging from the side of the railway bank, opposite LRPS and which are starting to make it difficult to pass by on the pavements.

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