Notice to Hutton Poplars Residents

I received an email on Friday, from a member of the coalition running Brentwood Council, stating that from the 1st April 2015, season ticket holders for Friars Avenue and Hunter Avenue carparks in Shenfield will be allowed to park in Hutton Poplars Hall carpark.

As the councillor for the area, I would have expected to have been consulted on such a proposal before a decision was made, given the obvious impact it will have on local residents. However, unfortunately, this was presented to me as a “done deal.” My key concerns regarding the plans are:

1. The impact on surrounding roads if the carpark is full of season ticket holders. If there are no spaces for cars belonging to the hall users, inevitably they will be forced to park in the surrounding residential roads, causing disturbance and inconvenience.

2. Increased traffic. Additional vehicles will be coming in and out of the Poplars, especially at peak times when the area is already busy with residents and parents dropping children off at the nearby schools. This will put further pressure on the roads and can only extend the wait at the traffic lights.

3. Safety for children – A number of families walk their children to school and a greater number of vehicles in the area will only increase safety concerns.

Please drop me a line with any comments or thoughts that you may have on the plans and I will ensure they are shared with the relevant people. It’s a short sighted proposal and one, which needs a rethink.

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