Busy Times!

It has been a few months since I last updated my blog and things have been very busy!
A lot has happened since March, most notably that the Conservatives won not only the general election in May but also the local election, here in Brentwood too!

We now hold 23/37 seats on the Council, giving us a clear majority and firm mandate on which to deliver.

And deliver we are…some 5 weeks after the election, I brought forward a new revised budget, which not only balanced the books and thus addressed the over spending under the previous Lib Dem led Council, but also ensured that the money is allocated to the right places for us to deliver on our pre-election promises.

The newly created street inspector initiative has been formally approved and recruitment is currently underway. We have also kicked off the 2015/16 apprenticeship scheme which will involve us working closely with the private sector and also with mental health organisations.

The Council is currently involved in a number of big projects, namely; the Local Development Plan, which seeks to identify sites in the borough for building over the next 15 years. The Town Hall project, which looks to tackle the high costs for a building that is 2/3rds empty and the William Hunter Way Development, which needs to be part of a bigger Town Centre approach.

With so much happening, the next few months are set to be very busy and I will be using this blog to keep you posted on developments both across the Council but also within my ward of Hutton North .

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